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The best lighting will always be the natural light.  The Panoramic garage door from GAREX optimizes the outdoor brightness for a clear and pleasant interior space.

This door offers a maximum window size in various finishes and can be arranged to harmonize with the modern look of houses.

The PANORAMIC door offers several advantages :

  • Aesthetically appealing that boost your home’s curb appeal as on average, garage doors make up 30 percent of what passerby will see of your home;
  • Are easily harmonized with your home style
  • Can be used as loft partition or a versatile solarium door
  • Easy maintenance garage door
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Frame Color

  • White
  • Clear anodized
  • Black

The vertical mullion location and the glazed section height can be modified to fit the desired architectural aspect.


Technical informations

Garage Door Dimensions


Technical specs

Glass Thickness

3mm (standard)
4 mm
6 mm

Maximum Widths

33" to 50"
48" to 65"
18" to 100"

Reinforced Moulding 13'11"
Double Hinges 14'11"
Double Top and Bottom 18'11"
Color White
Clear Anodized
  • Alloy 6063 – T5
  • Mullion 40,63 mm (1,599’’)
  • Simple Galass 4 mm (0,16”)
  • Aluminum of 1,73 mm (0,068”) to 3,45 mm (0,136’’) thick where accessories can be installed
  • Thermos of 19 mm (0,748’’) thick
  • Triple-layered Polycarbonate 16 mm (0,629’’) - 2,69 kg/m² (0,553 lb/pi²) * no warranty


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